Birth of a material that makes life more practical

The Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF is a fairly new material. It is the union of wood fibers together with adhesives of synthetic origin and pressed at high temperatures. This emerged as an economic and practical alternative to the problem of deforestation for the timber industry. Being the lung of the world. The trees provide the necessary oxygen for all living beings on the planet, in addition to which they are nourished and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. To avoid the disappearance of the trees and to not stop producing, the MDF was born. The mdf skirting boards offers practical solutions and adds a touch of elegance to your environments.


As an idea of experimentation, the process of developing multi-purpose insulating boards was based on following the pattern of paper creation. For human ingenuity, in 1898 recycled paper was used whose fibers were arranged interlacing to achieve a different material. These boards were functional but of a very low density, even so they continued experimenting with this new invention.


After the main idea and various experiments a great breakthrough was achieved. In 1920, it was discovered that wet wood fibers, when compressed at high temperatures in a press achieved a material with a much higher density. When studies were carried out, it was determined that thanks to the natural properties of the cellulose of the trees, to the pressure and heat to which it was subjected, it allowed raising the previous density. The density and resistance was very high. Only 4 years later in the USA, the process to obtain the fibers directly from the woods was discovered. In 1934, the Swedish “Defibrator” process emerged. Only until 1966 was it that the boards began to be produced, by processes without humidity, which is still used today. This process was the one that allowed the birth of MDF.


Currently, MDF boards are used in almost all parts of the world. They are easy and inexpensive to obtain. They can be easily used for almost any use, be decorative, use as furniture, multipurpose, among others. It has been discovered thanks to new technologies, improvements to this wonderful material, making it even waterproof.

For users in general, it is the most practical and reliable option to use in any field. It can even be smoothed and painted to give the appearance of solid wood obtained directly from the trees. Change the style of the decoration with mdf skirting boards and put a personal and distinguished touch.